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Centrolene Pte. Ltd.

Become a partner

You want to become a shareholder, partner and the operation in your country. We are currently looking for partners to cover the main markets. The partners should be shareholders, part of creating the final business plan and put a small investment into the company. The size of investment can only be agreed on after completion of the business plan and budget.


Beside putting small capital for shares into the company, you need to be prepared for some additional investment. Operating systems need to be connected. Costs for that we forecast as approx. 5,000 USD. In addition, you need to nominate resources in your organization for operational SOPs and marketing in your local market. 


Being a global player

As you are suddenly a modern (digital) global player, you might need to change your organization a little bit. You will be in the position to compete with the global players from a service and technology perspective. 

As the overhead costs of our digital freight forwarder will be very minimal, price competitiveness should be no issue as well.



You don't want to be involved in the development of the company, strategy, shareholding, etc. This is fine too. We will offer licenses for certain markets. These licenses will be annually and fairly priced depending on the size of your market/economy.